On Confrontation

The other day, I got into a heated argument with your stereotypical, holier-than-thou Christian woman (not that I have anything against Christians- I definitely do not- but this is the type of person that gives Christians a bad name). In a post she wrote, tagged under “equality”, she argued that gender roles are not only […]

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So, I’ve had some questions, and I thought I would take this opportunity to clarify the purpose of what I reblog in the section “The Voices of Others”.  This is what I don’t do: I don’t reblog only things that align perfectly with my views; in fact, I suspect that at a future time much […]

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Pound of Flesh

Originally posted on Bloomii:
Biting off a pound of flesh, cultivating it, its harvest will provide the future, The community thinks I’ve gone mad, an outcast trying to do my part, no one understands what’s coming. We are failing Gaia, and must reinvent the human experience. After the cleansing happens, the future will see a…

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Renewables are the future

Originally posted on Pertinent Problems:
As long as nations are dependent upon other nations to provide energy, their energy security will always be under threat. Only through using renewables can nations ensure their own energy security. Energy security can be defined as the association between national security, and the availability of natural resources for energy…

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List to Learn

This is just a quick list of the things I’ve thought of to learn. I really don’t know much about any of these things, as I haven’t learned them yet. Any additions, as always, would be very welcome, as I’m sure that I’ve missed at least several obvious things and many more that are less […]

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