10 Steps to Happiness

These steps here kind of apply to the mindset I’ve been picturing for people in the future. Instead of some people trying to do these things, we would instead be raised with the instinct to do so.

Live. Dream. Inspire.


I found this on the Internet and I find all 10 steps to be really helpful, no doubt about it.

I personally have to work on step number 10. Basically it’s about living a life of gratitude. And if you missed it, here’s my video on GRATEFULNESS: what is it and do you have enough of it?

On another note, I think step number 7 is necessary if we want to to live a fulfilling life, one that is not pocketed with regrets here and there. If you haven’t seen it, here’s a video that was uploaded just over a week ago but has already received 1.5 million views.

Which step speaks MOST to you?

Which step do you want to PRACTICE this week in order to be your happier self?

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