You, Today (Part One- Live)

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Mahatma Gandhi

At the beginning of my journey, I wrote pages and pages of thoughts on how I should continue with my life having been introduced to the severity of this impending disaster. My plan, originally, was to type these notes out here, but having looked at them again, I’ve decided it may not be the best idea. For one, my handwriting is minute and very messy, and I wrote six pages on college lined paper. Typing that out would take a ridiculous number of hours. For another, it’s long winded and a bit repetitive at parts, so I’ll spare you the effort that would be required to put in to it.

The quote above offers a good start on my ideas.

This quote, to me, hits almost perfectly at the heart of how we should proceed in ours lives presently. However, as applied to this particular situation, one thing should be added: Work as if you could stop tomorrow’s death.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow:

Viewing my life through the lens of the future, I’ve found myself able to appreciate even the most annoying things. Having forced myself to go running, it occurred to me that I had a choice in running; I wasn’t running from pain or malice. I felt the stiffness and aches, and appreciated that I could just sit on the couch and rest; I have the luxury of doing nothing.

School work, homework, lectures- all chances to learn something, to learn without stakes, without worry about more practical things. I could give my attention wholly to those things.

Assuming nothing we do is able to prevent the environmental crisis, assuming society collapses and life as we know it changes irrevocably, what will you look back on and miss? What will you regret?

Enjoy everything you have now: travel, eat good food, expand your horizons and try things completely alien to you. Do it now, while you can. Fill your extra moments with happiness and wonder.

And cherish it. Remember it.


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