You, Today (Part 2- Work and Learn)

Work as if you could prevent tomorrow’s death:

This is definitely the most talked about aspect of the situation- the current environmental crisis and what we can do to remedy it. There are countless sources out there detailing how you can help with this- from recycling to buying from sustainable sources to donating to environmental funds and more. Likelihood is, you’ve seen it all before, so I won’t rehash it all here.

If you’d like to see more about it, and I suggest you do, you need only Google it. Alternatively, you can check out this blog- Humanity Has Hope, for a more optimistic view of the here and now.

This is incredibly important, perhaps the most important of everything.

Unfortunately, humankind has been warned of the approaching disaster often, especially of late, and many people still refuse to believe the climate crisis is real. Even worse, some who know it is and have the power and resources to do something about it don’t, because it’s too expensive.

Therefore thought must be given to what happens after- if we cannot prevent the environment from getting so bad that society and the world as they are now change irrevocably.

This is where the last part of the quote comes in-

Learn as if you were to live forever:

Learn everything and anything you can, absolutely everything and anything. Prioritize, of course, to gain the knowledge and know-how that could help you in trying times, but don’t feel the need to exclude something simply because the practical application is hard to see. Perhaps there is no practical application at all- if the subject interests you, don’t let that stop you- learn it anyway.

Knowledge is our most important tool, and it has the potential to keep us from become a brutal and cruel people when flung into such hard times. This is often how the apocalypse (for lack of a better word) is thought of and portrayed, but it doesn’t have to be reality.

If, having survived the chaos and hardship, we can reshape our society- make it better, the way we all envision we could be- then all of that hardship, suffering, and death won’t have been in vain.

Just something to think about. And, as always, share your thoughts below.

Here’s to the end of the world.

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