Pound of Flesh

Originally posted on Bloomii:
Biting off a pound of flesh, cultivating it, its harvest will provide the future, The community thinks I’ve gone mad, an outcast trying to do my part, no one understands what’s coming. We are failing Gaia, and must reinvent the human experience. After the cleansing happens, the future will see a…

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Renewables are the future

Originally posted on Pertinent Problems:
As long as nations are dependent upon other nations to provide energy, their energy security will always be under threat. Only through using renewables can nations ensure their own energy security. Energy security can be defined as the association between national security, and the availability of natural resources for energy…

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Initiate a New World

Originally posted on Bloomii:
From the earth’s core nature gifts new continents, A place to come together, Eden itself, But we have become capricious children, ungrateful. Let us initiate a new world by understanding the foundation of our beliefs, within them seek a philosophical truth towards a glorious sustainability.

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Anxiety 1: 爥, a poem.

Originally posted on 360 by bike:
爥 A wildfire carried by wind, Consuming life before realization, so alive that rain-soaked moss withers and lights, Whips across miles, Like dust in a gentle breeze For the orbital lens ? ? An ember rests deep in the ashes Ripples its old light out in darkness The bond tears, the grain cracks…

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