Pound of Flesh

Originally posted on Bloomii:
Biting off a pound of flesh, cultivating it, its harvest will provide the future, The community thinks I’ve gone mad, an outcast trying to do my part, no one understands what’s coming. We are failing Gaia, and must reinvent the human experience. After the cleansing happens, the future will see a…

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Initiate a New World

Originally posted on Bloomii:
From the earth’s core nature gifts new continents, A place to come together, Eden itself, But we have become capricious children, ungrateful. Let us initiate a new world by understanding the foundation of our beliefs, within them seek a philosophical truth towards a glorious sustainability.

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The World Today

Ideally, after the passing of such a crisis, we could take advantage of the removal of today’s society and reshape it in a better way. In order to do this, we must first address what is wrong with the world today. A list seems to be in order: Intolerance of religious differences of sexual orientation […]

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Personally, I am not happy with society today as it is. I could go on for hours about what is wrong with it. History itself is proof that humans live to serve short-sighted, self-centered agendas. The destruction of our environment, the enslavement of any number of peoples, the idea of racially applied social Darwinism, and […]

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