You, Today (Part 2- Work and Learn)

Work as if you could prevent tomorrow’s death: This is definitely the most talked about aspect of the situation- the current environmental crisis and what we can do to remedy it. There are countless sources out there detailing how you can help with this- from recycling to buying from sustainable sources to donating to environmental […]

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The World Today

Ideally, after the passing of such a crisis, we could take advantage of the removal of today’s society and reshape it in a better way. In order to do this, we must first address what is wrong with the world today. A list seems to be in order: Intolerance of religious differences of sexual orientation […]

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Personally, I am not happy with society today as it is. I could go on for hours about what is wrong with it. History itself is proof that humans live to serve short-sighted, self-centered agendas. The destruction of our environment, the enslavement of any number of peoples, the idea of racially applied social Darwinism, and […]

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