Politics on Social Media: A guide for all

Be Thinkful

I have, and maybe you have, shared images, clips or summaries of political content that you find appealing.

They may be out of context. They may be contrived. You or the viewers may refer to them as propaganda. I may believe that they are satire, humorous, or otherwise just to be taken at face value.

All of this is reasonable, and likely accurate. However, may I offer a suggestion? Oh, I may, how kind of you.

Perchance the internet poster would like to engage in some dialog with you. Great, take that chance. Talk to that person let them talk to you, but by all means listen to both sides.

FYI – Engaging in dialog means talking. I recommend face to face. If it is important to you, or to them, please ask that time is taken so you can share your views.

My tips for talking politics, in case…

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